Development Program

Program Description

Program Description

During these important Developmental Academy (ages 11-13), Maui United Soccer Club will look to continue to build upon the strong core of soccer skills learned during the Foundation Program and look to enhance individual talents while also beginning to go more in-depth into how we can play as a team (the collective) including developing in our MUSC systems of play (1-4-3-3 and 1-3-4-3) and our style of play (possession-based). Players will begin to learn the four ‘phases of the game' and the four ‘moments of the game’ and how to work together for the good of the team during each phase and moment of the game. Players will learn and play multiple positions, but al-ways with the eye on the future of where they best can develop to the next levels. Our goal is to develop well-rounded, multi-dimensional players, who have not only excellent skills, but also sound tactical insight. Our selections for the Developmental Academy teams will come from our various Regional Development Programs and HESA programs, as well as from a selection of the most motivated and talented players from our partner clubs from throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Through the progressive and well planned out age-specific curriculum each player will begin developing with the MUSC methodology that has been inspired from the top clubs in the world, like FC Barcelona (Spain), Bayern Munich (Germany), and AJAX (Netherlands) and have been proven to develop players. Through year-round training opportunities, competition in various Maui-based soccer leagues, and travel opportunities with our teams both within Hawaii and on the mainland, these young Developmental Academy players will have some of the best age-specific technical and tactical development in the Hawaiian Islands, with the goal of progressing them successfully into MUSC Advanced Academy/College Prep Academy program (ages 14-18).

“The goal of the Development Academy program is to teach excellence through clarity and consistency of training. We have a clearly defined system and style of play, and although we are always learning, progressing and growing as coaches, the methodology we will be implementing is proven to move players and teams onto new levels of play. During these (ages 11-14) the players are very receptive and capable of learning higher-level tactical concepts and because we are a club that is guided by this clear philosophy we can confidently develop players onto new levels of learning. Each week at MUSC we see our players growing to new levels in the game.”

Director of Coaching, Brent Nunes


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