Congratulations Leialoha Medeiros

Success Story

Congratulations Leialoha Medeiros

Here are great words from Lei as we asked her to share her thoughts on the subject (winning, development, and the importance of coach-player-parent working together).


"Growing up as a youth soccer player on Maui, my parents and coaches always tried to be positive, and encouraged me to work hard and have fun. We always strived to get results, but was more focused on the long term goal of development and playing soccer at the highest levels. My parents and I were on the same page as my coaches, as we knew they were always looking after my best interest.  This approach helped me to be stress free when playing, and avoid frustration and burnout over the years. My coaches connected me to various showcase events, elite camps, and training opportunities in the mainland. I am so thankful for my parents and coaches.....they worked hard and helped me get to the level I am at today."


Congratulations to Leialoha Medeiros (MUSC 99G)  on being selected to the Freshman All Big West Conference Team.  Lei had an amazing Freshman year at University of Hawaii.